WinHux® 3.47 Metre (136

WinHux® 3.47 Metre (136") Extra Long Reach Extendable Duster Telescopic Handle, Bendable and Washable (Only available via Amazon - Contact us for Bulk orders)

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This extra long WinHux extendable feather* duster is one of the longest around, enabling you to clean places previously out of reach. The high quality aluminium handle extends from 1.64 to 3.47 METRES (with duster head attached) and can be adjusted to any length in between with the easy to use twist lock mechanism. Simply extend the pole sections to the desired length and then twist CLOCKWISE TO LOCK, ANTICLOCKWISE TO UNLOCK. (</br>) The duster head is made from thousands of polypropylene fibres which easily PICK UP DUST AND SWEEP COBWEBS AWAY. It can be unscrewed from the telescopic pole for storage, for cleaning lower areas, or for washing the duster itself. (See product photos for washing instructions) The core of the duster is made from a tightly twisted wire which is very sturdy but can be bent to match whichever surface you are dusting. The fibres DO NOT EASILY BREAK OR SHED. The wire core is topped off with a plastic cap to avoid scratching surfaces. If your surfaces are particularly delicate however, simply bend the top of the duster over so that the side of the duster is used. * The fibres of the duster head are made of polypropylene