Super strong window poles that are built to last 

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★ DESIGN OPTIMISED FOR VELUX® - The WinHux® window pole has been designed specifically with VELUX® windows and blinds in mind. It will operate VELUX® GGL and GGU roof windows but will also work with many other brands of roof window that have an opening bar at the top. E.g Keylight®, Rooflite®, Dakstra®, Roto etc

★ THREE YEAR GUARANTEE - Made and designed in the UK from a super-tough polymer, WinHux® window poles can actually support a weight of over 80kg and will open even the stiffest windows with ease! For peace of mind, the hook part of the WinHux® hook is also guaranteed for three years.  

★ BLIND ADAPTER NOT REQUIRED - If you have blinds fitted to your VELUX® windows or plan to get them in the future, then with its multi-angle blind control, the WinHux® window pole makes opening and closing blinds easy. No separate blind adapters are required! Will work with many brands of blind that have a handle bar.

★ UNIQUE 'NON-SLIP' SURFACE - The unique 'non-slip' surface on the WinHux® hook prevents the hook from slipping sideways when opening and closing your skylight windows. This prevents damage to the handle, and makes controlling the window as easy as possible.

Available in two sizes : 1.2-2.0 metre Silver, and 1.2-3.0 metre Silver

WinHux® are not associated with Velux®.